Panel Files

These files are provided for those who wish to make their own panels for my various boards. They are supplied in three formats:

These files are supplied AS-IS, without any warranty implied or otherwise. If you wish to use them then feel free to do so, but it is up to you to sanity check them to see if they're suitable for your purposes.

adsr/Panel files for Kirschmann ADSR
blanks/Blank Eurorack panel files
booster/Panel files for Mr. Boosty signal booster
cgs52/Panel files for Ken Stone CGS52
cwg-v1/Panel files for Confusing Waveform Generator (v1)
dac-rev3/Panel files for 4-bit R2R DAC (rev 3)
double-attenuator/Panel files for dual attenuator (REVISION 2 ONLY!)
dronemonster-v1/Panel files for Drone Monster (v1)
mixiple/Panel files for Mixiple mixer/mult
mult-acm-dcm/Panel files for ACM, DCM and buffered mult
resonant-bpf-rev2/Panel files for resonant BPF (rev 2)
resonant-hpf-rev2/Panel files for resonant HPF (rev 2)
resonant-lpf-rev2/Panel files for resonant LPF (rev 2)
s-and-h-rev2/Panel files for S&H (revision 2)
sequencer-8/Panel files for 8-step sequencer
sotd-echo/Panel files for SotD Echo revision 1
twin-t-r2/Panel files for Twin-T revision 2
ulpf/Panel files for uLPF (by David van Zeventer)
v-sauce/Panel files for quad voltage source
xfdr/Panel files for XFDR fader
xo106-rev3/Panel files for XO106 (REVISION 3 ONLY!)
xo106r2/Panel files for XO106 revision 2